Who we are

Formed in August 2014, Locksided Rapper is the new kid on the Bristol block.

We are a mixed team bringing enthusiasm and energy to traditional rapper dances, identifiable by our sashes and socks in the blue and ruby colours of Bristol Blue Glass.

The inspiration for our name came from the area next to Brunel’s Lock, or maybe from the fact that we prefer to end our dances with the lock held left or right of centre, or then again, it might just have something to do with us needing to work on our lock technique as in the old Bristolian cry of “Yer, it be Locksided again!”, we’ll let you decide…

Come and have a go!

If you’ve ever fancied having a go at traditional rapper sword dancing, come and join us. No experience necessary, just turn up. Both dancers and musicians are welcome.

We practice on Tuesday nights from 8-10pm in the function room at:
The Queen’s Head, 286 Fishponds Road, Bristol BS5 6PY.

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What is Rapper?

Rapper is a unique dance tradition of Northumberland and County Durham in England, originally performed by miners in the pit villages of Tyneside and the surrounding area, and has gradually spread with revival groups worldwide.

It is performed at speed by a team of five people continuously linked by flexible swords called rappers, which are weaved in and out of figures for display. It is a fairly recent tradition which has evolved over less than two hundred years from a much older hilt-and-point sword dance tradition found all over Europe.

Get in touch!

We love to dance in both Bristol and beyond. If you'd like to see us at your event, or just want to say hello, please contact us using the form below,
or call Oliver (our bagman/secretary) on: 07714 759 220

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